Charleston – Where history lives! No matter what your interests are, Charleston caters to each and every individual. Ranked annually among the nation's most visited cities, Charleston is brimming with historic charm.
  • Area: 405.5 km²
  • Weather: 31°C, 70% Humidity
  • Population: 125,583 (2012)
  • Local time: Wednesday 11:06 AM
  • Unemployment rate: 3.7% (Apr 2014)

Come witness the magic for yourself as this historic city takes you back to a simpler time. Only here can you find a place where the real world so rarely intrudes. The dining scene is sprinkled with award-winning chefs, mouth-watering menus and unique dining experiences that have helped make Charleston one of the up and coming culinary destinations in the United States. Tucked along the Atlantic coastline and amid the ever bustling harbor, Historic Downtown Charleston is the mecca of this historic city, housing various art galleries, boutiques, museums and historic sites for the whole family to enjoy. Charleston offers a variety of tours to allow visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in as much of the Holy City and its history as possible.

Charleston is known for its breathtaking views, so it's no wonder the golf courses are some of the most beautiful in the South.

Characterized by lush vegetation, well-manicured greens and scenery to die for, this area of South Carolina is a one stop shop for a fabulous golf experience. The acclaimed Spoleto Festival is an annual performing arts festival that is not to be missed, filling every theater, church and outdoor space throughout the city.








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